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Research and fitting history suggest general guidelines based on age, gender, and individual ear canal uniqueness. Remember, there are 4 sizes and countless variations in ear canals. Use past experience and our complimentary size swapping to find your fit. Here’s a breakdown:

X-SMALL – Youth and some adults with tiny canals.

SMALL – Majority of women, younger males, and some adults with smaller ear canals.

MEDIUM – Typically for adult males comfortable with standard earbuds.

LARGE – Suitable for a small percentage of adults, often over 60.

If unsure, rely on past experiences with earplugs or earbuds. Still uncertain? We provide gender-specific advice.

To check seal: Insert both plugs correctly, drop your jaw, and gently pull on your ear. You should hear a “head voice” when speaking. If not, readjust and try again. If still no seal, consider swapping sizes.

First-time user? Try our EARasers STARTER KIT for two different sized sets of Silicone Tips and one set of filters. This kit allows side-by-side testing and simplifies future purchases with our ReNewal Kit.

SIZE SWAP-OUT? You have 30 days to exchange sizes hassle-free! If you bought from our website and paid shipping once, the swap-out shipping is on us! For any size issues, contact us within 30 days of the Original Purchase date for a return and swap. Include with your return: – Product for resizing. – RMA# provided. – Original receipt or On-Line Store Invoice with ‘Date of Purchase’ circled. – Written request for new size. – Payment for shipping & handling (choose below).

Never insert anything into the tip to avoid damaging the filter or coupler and voiding the warranty.

1. Rinse your EARasers under warm water and let dry. Avoid using soaps to prevent buildup.

2. Use only alcohol-free wipes or towelettes to clean. Alcohol can dry out silicone and cause separation.

3. If wax or debris gets into the tip, use a soft-bristled brush with warm water to gently remove it. Never insert anything into the opening.

Keep your EARasers like new with our ReNewal kit.

For more questions, click ‘here.’

Earasers instant fit offers about a 75% cost savings compared to custom earplugs. How? We’ve engineered Earasers to function like ‘Custom Earplugs’ at a fraction of the cost. Using soft medical-grade silicone, we create a “Smart Seal” that adapts to each ear for optimal sealing, eliminating the need for expensive ear impressions and lab work. Unlike custom earplugs, which hold filters outside the ear canal, Earasers secure the filter closer to the eardrum, allowing sound to travel naturally before filtering. This patented design prevents the underwater and muffled sound often experienced with other earplugs. With no need for impressions or lab fees, Earasers save you money without compromising quality.

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 5-7 business days to arrive. Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-16 days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

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Here’s how our custom engraving service for metal carrying cases works


1. Provide your design: We require a high-resolution, one-color logo for engraving. The complexity of the design, amount of detail, and available space on the case will determine the feasibility of engraving.


2. Minimum order quantity: We have a minimum order requirement of 10 units to proceed with custom engraving.


3. Pricing: The cost depends on factors such as the content, detail of the design, and the space available for engraving. Once we receive your design and quantity requirement, we’ll provide you with a quote.


4. Quality assurance: Rest assured, our engraving process ensures high-quality results that meet your expectations.


Contact us to discuss your custom engraving needs and get started on creating personalized metal carrying cases for your brand or event.

It’s common for ears to produce wax. While we recommend cleaning your ears before using EARasers, we understand it’s not always possible. If wax gets into the tip, gently remove it with a soft-bristled brush and warm water. Never insert anything into the opening to avoid damage. Keep your EARasers like new with our ReNewal kit, restoring them to their original condition. Out of Warranty Service: Need a replacement for a damaged earplug? Purchase individual replacements conveniently from our online store instead of a full set. For any further questions, contact:
What is the relationship between music and hearing loss?  (click ‘hear’) Music and Hearing Loss Relationship Persona Medical, with 45 years of expertise in hearing aids, delves into the connection between music and hearing loss. Typically, first-time patients exhibit hearing loss between 2000 Hz and 8000 Hz, spanning two octaves from three octaves above middle C on the piano to five octaves above middle C (256Hz). The natural resonance of humans peaks at 2700Hz, where the damage often occurs due to the onslaught of noise in the 20th century. Our ears, honed by evolution for speech comprehension, weren’t prepared for the industrial revolution’s noise evolution. While our ears naturally resonate at higher speech frequencies, they weren’t built to resonate with the deafening noise produced by modern amplifiers. Earplugs should not merely attenuate volume but also consider the ear’s non-linear dynamics and non-flat frequency response. Research suggests that a flat attenuation approach isn’t optimal, as our ears reshape a flat frequency response by adding natural resonance. Moreover, the insertion of earplugs induces an “insertion effect,” requiring additional gain in low frequencies. In musical settings, we aim to reduce high frequencies while retaining nuances and preventing hearing damage. While the ear has built-in mechanisms to protect against loud high frequencies, excessive reduction compromises speech clarity and music quality. It’s essential to consider the ear’s natural resonance and equal loudness contours to design effective earplugs that balance protection and fidelity. Ultimately, understanding the intricate relationship between music and hearing loss informs the design of earplugs that preserve musical quality while safeguarding hearing health.
EARasers deliver exceptional listening clarity for several reasons: First, unlike traditional earplugs, including custom molded ones, which position the filter outside the canal opening, EARasers feature a patented open design. This design allows sound to travel a shorter, more natural path to the filter, strategically located closer to the eardrum. As a result, sound reaches the ear with greater clarity, eliminating the “underwater” or “muffled” sensation often experienced with other earplugs. Secondly, EARasers employ an innovative “V” (variable) filter that targets the most damaging range of the ear’s natural resonance, around 3150 Hz, providing approximately 19dB of attenuation. Unlike “flat attenuators,” which reduce sound equally across all frequencies, including those that are not harmful, EARasers utilize a “FLAT FREQUENCY” Response approach. This means they attenuate different frequencies differently, preserving normal and natural ranges while effectively reducing damaging decibels. This ik strategic filtering allows wearers to transition seamlessly between loud and quiet environments without needing to remove their earplugs, ensuring that natural sounds remain intact while harmful noise levels are diminished.

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